• Colors can be intermixed to create infinite custom colors.
  • Packaged in small bottles that take up very little shelf space.
  • Produces vibrant color effects, ideal for accenting reactive concrete stains.
  • No neutralizing required.
  • Contains no VOCs.
  • Dries to the touch in as little as 30 minutes.

For Use On

H&C® INFUSION® Dye Stains are ideal for use on polished concrete and other new or existing commercial and residential floors. They can also be used in conjunction with integral colors, dry-shake hardeners and reactive concrete stains.

Product # ColorPDSSDSUPC
41.105001-99 Spanish Dagger035777329115
41.105002-99 Reno Gold035777329139
41.105003-99 Saddle Brown035777329146
41.105004-99 Prickly Cactus035777329160
41.105005-99 Salsa Red035777329467
41.105006-99 Oasis035777329191
41.105007-99 Canyon035777329214
41.105008-99 Tortoise Shell035777329238
41.105009-99 Ranch Hand Brown035777329344
41.105010-99 Cowboy Hat035777329474
41.105011-99 Vegas Light035777329382
41.105012-99 Red Rock035777329399
41.105013-99 Adobe Red035777329405
41.105014-99 Stagecoach Brown035777329436
41.105015-99 Desert Orange035777329443
41.105016-99 Rattler's Brown035777329450
* Coverage: 300-400 sq./ft. per gal.
* Coverage will vary depending on the porosity of the substrate.
Drying time:
Touch: 30 minute
The sell sheet: Acetone.pdf


H&C® INFUSION® ACETONE DYE STAINS let you achieve a layered, faux or single color look in a lot less time than acid stains. Etching is required prior to application to open pores of the concrete. When layering stain, apply lighter colors first. Water-based or solvent-based sealers can be applied as topcoats.

  • Stiff broom
  • Garden hose with a pressure washer nozzle
  • Bucket
  • Eye Protection
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Gloves
  • Additional information


    Adobe Red, Canyon, Cowboy Hat, Desert Orange, Oasis, Prickly Cactus, Ranch Hand Brown, Rattler’s Brown, Red Rock, Reno Gold, Saddle Brown, Salsa Red, Spanish Dagger, Stagecoach Brown, Tortoise Shell, Vegas Light