H&C Pro Series Urethane Paver Sealer 2 Part Clear Gloss

50.15055B-16 1 Gallon50.15055B-16035777943021
50.15055A-19 4 Gallon50.15055A-19035777936016
Pavers & Concrete 250-450 sq. ft. Porous concrete 150-250 sq. ft. *Coverage will vary depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate Dry Time (@ 77°F, 50% RH) Dry-to-touch - 3-6 Hours Foot traffic - < 18 hours Heavy traffic - 48 hours Recoat - 1 hour Full cure - 7-14 days


H&C® Urethane Paver Sealer is a 2-part sealer for protecting pavers and concrete substrates that allows you to clean, sand and seal in the same day*.

*If polymeric sand was used to fill joints between pavers, allow 24-72 hours, per manufacturer’s instructions, to cure before applying sealer.