• Gives new and existing concrete a translucent, variegated appearance that’s unique to each application.
  • Can be diluted, thinned, or mixed to create infinite custom colors.
  • Provides long-lasting performance at a lower cost than many other decorative floor systems.
  • Excellent for use in commercial, residential, institutional and industrial areas.
  • Produces vibrant coloring effects when enhanced by solvent- or water-based sealers and floor finishes.

For Use On

H&C® INFUSION® Reactive Concrete Stain is formulated for use on both interior and exterior bare concrete surfaces including driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, and commercial and residential floors.

Product # SizeColorSDSSKUUPCPDS
40.102004-16 1 GallonWenge Wood40.102004-16035777329498
40.102005-20 5 GallonWenge Wood40.102005-20035777329504
40.102014-16 1 GallonRusted Fence40.102014-16035777329511
40.102015-20 5 GallonRusted Fence40.102015-20035777329528
40.102024-16 1 GallonBlack Coffee40.102024-16035777329542
40.102025-20 5 GallonBlack Coffee40.102025-20035777329573
40.102034-16 1 GallonCrumbled Brick40.102034-16035777329580
40.102035-20 5 GallonCrumbled Brick40.102035-20035777329597
40.102044-16 1 GallonPotterswheel40.102044-16035777329603
40.102045-20 5 GallonPotterswheel40.102045-20035777329610
40.102054-16 1 GallonLido Blue40.102054-16035777329627
40.102055-20 5 GallonLido Blue40.102055-20035777329719
40.102064-16 1 GallonPotato Ivy40.102064-16035777329764
40.102065-20 5 GallonPotato Ivy40.102065-20035777329863
40.102074-16 1 GallonVerdant Plain40.102074-16035777329870
40.102075-20 5 GallonVerdant Plain40.102075-20035777329894
40.102084-16 1 GallonSienna Red40.102084-16035777329900
40.102085-20 5 GallonSienna Red40.102085-20035777329917
40.102094-16 1 GallonMustard seed40.102094-16035777329924
40.102095-20 5 GallonMustard seed40.102095-20035777329948
40.102104-16 1 GallonMidas Gold40.102104-16035777329955
40.102105-20 5 GallonMidas Gold40.102105-20035777329979
40.102114-16 1 GallonShore Gray40.102114-16035777329986
40.102115-20 5 GallonShore Gray40.102115-20035777330319
The sell sheet: Pages-from-HC-Catalog_3.13.17.pdf
*Coverage: 150-200 sq./ft. per gal.
*Coverage will vary depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate.
Drying time: @ 77°F 50% RH:
temperature and humidity dependent
  • Recoat/sealing: 4 hours
  • 24 hours after residue removal
  • Description

    • H&C® INFUSION® REACTIVE CONCRETE STAINS are the artistic way of giving a translucent, variegated appearance to bare, horizontal new or existing concrete. Every slab of concrete is a blank canvas with acid staining. Acid stains accentuate any imperfections in the concrete like small cracks, or contaminants, much like the opposite of painting or sealing the concrete with a solid color stain…no two projects will ever be the same!
  • Stiff broom
  • Garden hose with a pressure washer nozzle
  • Bucket
  • Eye Protection
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Gloves
  • Additional information


    1 Gallon, 5 Gallon


    Black Coffee, Crumbled Brick, Lido Blue, Midas Gold, Mustard seed, Potato Ivy, Potterswheel, Rusted Fence, Shore Gray, Sienna Red, Verdant Plain, Wenge Wood