Where else can Shield-Crete Epoxy be used besides garage floors?

My concrete is relatively new. Do I still need to clean the floor before applying Shield-Crete?

How long do I have to wait to apply Shield-Crete to freshly poured concrete?

Will Shield-Crete work on old concrete?

Do I have to remove old coatings or paint before I apply Shield-Crete?

I have parked in my garage for some time.  Do these areas have to receive special treatment before coating with Shield-Crete?

Is acid etching required before applying Shield-Crete?

I may have a clear sealer on my floor. How can I determine if I need extra surface preparation before applying Shield-Crete?

Can I apply multiple coats of Shield-Crete over a period of time?

Do I really need to include the anti-slip aggregate in the Shield-Crete or Glaze Coat?

Should I stir the Deco-Flakes in with the epoxy?

I am going to apply the decorative flakes. Should I apply a coat of Glaze Coat over the flakes?

I have some unsightly cracks in my floor. Should I fill these before applying Shield-Crete?

Will Shield-Crete keep my floor from cracking in the future?

Can I apply Shield-Crete on wood?

Can I use Shield-Crete on my patio, too?

Can Shield-Crete be applied to vertical surfaces, such as basement walls?

A storm was brewing and I had to park on my new Shield-Crete floor one day after it was finished. My tires were dirty and they left stains and some of the coating came off the floor. How can I fix these areas?