H&C® Concrete Sealer Solid Color Solvent Based

H&C Concrete Sealer Solid Color Solvent-based is an opaque, waterproofing sealer formulated to bond with concrete or masonry surfaces.  It provides a long-lasting yet decorative finish.  This product is to be used on exterior* surfaces only. Formerly known as Silicone Acrylic Concrete Sealer, H&C Concrete Sealer Solid Color Solvent-based is available in over 60 tintable colors, and a variety of popular prepackaged colors.  As well as a clear which has a gloss finish.

*H&C® Concrete Sealer Solvent-Based can be used on interior surfaces, only if the area allows for very good ventilation.

Where to Use

  1. Concrete driveways
  2. Patios - walkways
  3. Pool decks
  4. Garage floors
  5. Athletic courts (tennis, shuffleboard etc)
  6. Stadium supports
  7. Bridges and bridge structures
  8. Parking garages
  9. Block & stucco walls

Key Advantages

H&C Concrete Sealer Solid Color Solvent-based provides a durable finish that extends the life of concrete and masonry surfaces.  It penetrates deeply into the surface to form a tough shield so it won't peel, fade or flake over time. It's resistant to salt, acids, alkali, water, UV rays, oil and heavy traffic.  Create a beautiful and expensive-looking landscape that is uniquely yours. Choose from our premixed or custom-tinted colors. 

Product Data Sheet

  1. Product Supplies

    1. Stiff broom
    2. Natural bristle paint brush
    3. Soft-woven roller cover 3/8" - 1/2" nap, or other solvent-resistent cover
    4. Roller frame
    5. Paint tray
    6. Xylene for cleanup
    7. Optional: airless sprayer (pressure 1500 psi, tip: .013"- .017"), Conventional Sprayer (air pressure 30-50 psi, cap/tip: 704/FX or equivilant). Be sure to back roll after airless sprayer to work the product smoothly and evenly into the surface.
  2. Product Preparation

    Due to a wide variety of substrates, preparation and application methods and environments, test the product in an inconspicuous area for adhesion and compatibility prior to full scale application.  All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease, oil, paint, sealers etc.  Use H&C Cleaner Degreaser following the label directions, rinse thoroughly and allow the surface to dry. 


    New concrete must cure for 28 days.  All horizontal concrete (new or old), must be etched with H&C Etching Solution first for proper adhesion, follow label instructions carefully. For very smooth, or highly troweled surfaces with little or no porosity, use H&C Etching Solution at full strength.  Do not etch painted surfaces, the previous coating must be removed prior to applying H&C Concrete Sealer Solid Color Solvent-based. 


    For the best waterproofing protection, patch and repair cracks and crevices where water can enter.  On floor surfaces, use appropriate patching material, but keep in mind that patching compounds will generally be visible through clear coatings. 

  3. Product Application

    *Apply under dry conditions only!  Do not apply if rain is expected within 12 hours following application.

    *Air and surface temperature should be between 50° and 90° during application and for 24 hours following. 


    Sweep the surface with a broom immediately prior to applying, to ensure no foreign substances or particles have fallen on it.  Stir thoroughly before and during application.  Do NOT reduce H&C Concrete Sealer Solid Color Solvent-based. 


    If you need to "cut in" the corners or edges, do that first with your brush.  Use your roller to evenly apply the remainder of the surface, working in one direction.  Do not overwork the product - brushing or rolling back over partially dried material may cause lifting of the coating from the surface. 


    Allow the product to dry 12 hours before applying the second coat (if necessary).  Again, being careful not to overwork the product, apply in the OPPOSITE direction of the first coat (perpendicular).


    Dry to the touch: 15 minutes

    Foot Traffic in 1 hour

    Recoat: 12 hours

    Heavy Traffic:  72 - 96 hours