H&C® SharkGrip™ Slip Resistant Additive

H&C SharkGrip™ Slip Resistant Additive is a micronized polymer to be stirred into H&C coatings for slip resistance, fine texturing and gloss reduction. 

Where to Use

  • Damp or inclined areas that tend to get slippery

Key Advantages

H&C SharkGrip™ easily stirs into most oil-based and water-based paints and other coatings, due to its low oil absorption and high solvent resistance.  Its low density allows it to stay well suspended in thin materials such as stains and sealers.

Product Data Sheet

  1. Product Supplies

  2. Product Preparation

    Follow the label instructions of the coating.
  3. Product Application

    Simply mix in 3.2 ounces of H&C SharkGrip into one gallon of stain or sealer to provide slip resistance to your surface. Apply your stain or sealer following package label instructions. 

    Also available in 1 pound jars to stir into 5-gallon containers of product.