H&C® Micro-Topping

H&C Micro-Topping is a polymer modified, thin, cementitious topping ideal for interior applications. It's a durable and cost-effective solution to replacing old, worn concrete. Micro-Topping is designed for horizontal surfaces and can be used in conjunction with H&C Decorative Stains and H&C Clear Sealers to create a unique architectural smooth finish.

Where to Use

  1. Hotel Foyers
  2. Office Floors
  3. Museums 
  4. Malls 
  5. Interior concrete restoration projects

Key Advantages

H&C Micro-Topping is a single component mix design that requires only the addition of potable water. All of the components are pre-blended in the bag making it extremely easy to use. Micro-Topping is applied in a single coat, while most thin overlays are applied in 2 or 3 coats. Depending upon the condition of the substrate an additional coat may be required.

Product Data Sheet

  1. Product Supplies

    • Variable speed mixing drill
    • 1/2" Barrel mixing paddle
    • Steel trowel
    • Squeegee
    • Clean 5-gal bucket for mixing
  2. Product Preparation

    The substrate must be clean, structurally sound, fully-cured, and profiled. Remove all laitance, efflorescence, chemical contaminants, grease, oil, old paint, rust, algae, mildew, and other foreign matter that may serve as a bond breaker. Shot blasting, scarifying or water blasting may be necessary to achieve a proper profile.

    H&C Concrete Etching Solution is an effective, safe alternative to muriatic acid. Utilize H&C Cleaner Degreaser as an environmentally responsible solution to clean, mildly degrease, and profile/etch concrete surfaces (see Cleaner Degreaser Product Data Sheet).

    As Micro - Topping’s aggregate is extremely fine, holes, spalls, voids, and irregularities should be appropriately treated separately. On irregular slabs requiring extensive patching, it is recommended to use H&C Quick Patch & Repair. Substrate must be 50°F (10°C) and rising before installation. Surfaces at 90°F (32°C) and above must be cooled before installation. Pre-dampen area with fog tipped sprayer before using, leaving no puddles.

  3. Product Application


    Mixing: A 1/2" drill and a cage or barrel mixing paddle with a 5-gallon pail are sufficient. The 1/2" drill must be a slow or variable speed drill to control the shear and mixing speed. Add approximately 6 ¼- 7 ½ quarts of water to 50 lbs. (4.-5.7 L) bag of Micro-Topping. Batch enough material that can be used in 10 – 20 min. time frame, maintaining a wet edge.

    Application: The prepared surface should be dampened: saturated, surface dry (SSD). Utilizing a “Magic Trowel”, squeegee, or steel pool trowel apply material in a fairly thin coat.

    Exercise care to minimize trowel “tracks”. Although any inconsistencies in the surface may be smoothed with a rubbing stone or a steel scraper after material is dry enough to bear foot traffic, the stoned or scraped areas will offer a slightly different texture that may be objectionable if not expected.

    Sufficient product may be placed to completely cover the concrete substrate in a single smooth pass if desired. As the surface begins to appear no longer shiny and wet, but rather matte and drier, the applicator may walk back out onto the product in spiked shoes and backing up, steel trowel the surface extremely smooth.

    Some applicators may elect to apply a second coat to achieve a smoother finish. The second coat may be applied in the same manner as the first coat after product has met initial set.

    Cure time: Allow to air cure after application. High heat, sunlight, and windy conditions will accelerate the hydration rate, while cooler temperatures and high humidity will retard hydration rate.

    Best results will occur with moderated temperatures and humidity. In moderate conditions, this product should achieve initial set within 8 hours. After sealing, allow approximately 24 hours for foot traffic and another 72 hours for heavy traffic.

    Top coating: When the Micro-Topping is sufficiently dry (8-24hrs); it can be colored using H&C Semi-Transparent Stain, H&C Infusion Acid Stain or H&C Dye Stain to create a unique finish. Once the stain process has been completed and the surface is dry, apply 2 coats of H&C sealer such as Wet Look or Decorative Concrete Sealer Solvent Based.

    Coverage: One 50 lb. bag of Micro-Topping will cover 180-200 sq. ft. per coat at approximately 1/16” – 1/32”. Do not exceed 1/8” per placement. 2-coats may be required on rough or pitted surfaces.