H&C® Acetone Dye Stains

H&C Acetone Dye Stain lets you achieve a layered, faux or single color look in a lot less time than acid stains.  Etching is required prior to application to open pores of the concrete.  When layering stain, apply lighter colors first.  Water-based or solvent-based sealers can be applied as topcoats.

Where to Use

  1. Perfect for Polished Concrete Applications
  2. Retail stores/malls
  3. Garage floors
  4. Basement floors
  5. Interior floors

Key Advantages

H&C Acetone Dye Stains come in 16 beautiful colors that are designed to be easy and ready to use.  The colors may be mixed to achieve even more colors.  Packaged in small bottles, taking up very little shelf space, these dye stains are vibrant and are the perfect accents to reactive stains.

Product Data Sheet

  1. Product Supplies

    1. Acetone
    2. Cone tip pump sprayer (must be compatible with acetone)
    3. Can also be applied with a brush, roller and HVLP sprayer
    4. Orbital scrubber and/or mop with water
  2. Product Preparation

    Surface must be clean dry and free of all foreign contaminates (oil, grease, dirt, dust, cleaners, etc). After cleaning the surface, be sure all residue is removed with clean water. Be sure not only to remove all chemical residue but also dust, by vacuum or sweeping. Also, any sealers or paint will need to be stripped and cleaned from the surface prior to the dye application since they prevent penetration.


    Read all product labels and instructions. ALWAYS do a test area with all products in an inconspicuous area before project starts to assure desired results and compatibility of all products, and approval.

  3. Product Application

    Mix one complete bottle of H&C Acetone Dye Stain with one gallon acetone. Shake or Stir well to disperse the dyeing agents. Concrete substrate must be clean and dry before applying H&C Acetone Dye Stain. Apply H&C Acetone Dye Stain with a cone tip pump sprayer that is compatible with acetone. The dye stain can also be applied with a brush, roller and HVLP spray equipment. Properly evaluate each job to determine the best method of application. Spray a uniform coat and avoid letting the product pool in low spots.


    H&C Acetone Dye Stain will dry to touch in approximately 1 - 5 minutes. For removal of H&C Acetone Dye Stain agent residue use an orbital scrubber with white pad and water and/or a mop and water. Be careful not to get to aggressive with an orbital scrubber as it can start removing some of the stain from the substrate.  Allow initial rinse water to dwell for a few minutes in order to loosen residues, if vacuuming surface do only after initial residue removal. It is normal to have slight coloring/tinting in the rinse water. If H&C Acetone Dye Stain residue is not rinsed properly coating, sealers and/or densifiers will not adhere correctly.


    Sealer should be applied 24 hours after the dye stain residue is removed. Dye stain can be topcoated with any H&C solvent or water based sealers. Use H&C High Performance Industrial Clear over dye stain in high traffic or commercial applications. Consult desired sealer’s product data sheet for proper application procedures. Minimum two coats of sealer required over dye stain. Sacrificial finishes, such as H&C Infusion Industrial Floor Finish, can be applied as a final coat to improve durability.


    **Acetone Dye Stains are UV stable but are NOT fade resistant.  Some premature fading can occur if applied to surfaces exposed to direct sunlight.