H&C® Infusion Solvent-Based Sealer

H&C Infusion Solvent-Based Sealer is a unique combination of modified thermoplastic acrylic resins. This unique combination works as a sealer over H&C Infusion Reactive Concrete Stain, or can be used on bare concrete as well.


Where to Use

H&C Infusion Solvent-Based Sealer is used to seal any floor that has been stained using H&C Infusion™ Reactive Concrete Stain.  The solvent-based sealer will penetrate deeper into the concrete than the water-based, hence darkening the color.  However, some areas of the country cannot purchase the solvent-based sealer due to varying restrictions, but the Infusion Water-based Sealer is a great alternative.


H&C Infusion Industrial Floor Finish is ideal for high traffic areas such as malls, retail stores, hotels and restaurants, but is for interior use only. 

Key Advantages

Recommended for commercial, industrial and residential use.


The Solvent-Based Sealer rolls on clear and dries clear, penetrating into the concrete creating a more mottled look.   It can be used on interior or exterior applications, with UV inhibitors that provide a uniform non-yellowing film.  This product rolls or sprays on clear, and dries to a brilliant gloss shine.  


Product Data Sheet

  1. Product Supplies

    • Brush
      Use a synthetic bristle brush.
      Use a _"-3/8" nap lambs wool roller.
      Tip………………………... .013"-.015"

     ** If using the Solvent-Based Sealer, you will need xylene for clean-up.

  2. Product Preparation


    Infusion Reactive Stain residue MUST be removed prior to applying sealer.

    Surface must be dry 24 hours after final rinsing of removing residue.

    Read all cautions and MSDS before any work is started.


  3. Product Application

    Always do a test area to ensure compatibility. H&C Infusion Sealers are best applied by spray. DO NOT REDUCE. The sprayer must be clean and dry. Apply by low-pressure sprayer with neoprene fittings.


    Wait at Least 24 hours after removing residue. Apply under dry conditions only. Application to a damp surface may cause a hazy appearance or loss of adhesion. Air and surface temperature should be between 50° and 90°F for 24 hours following application. It's important not to overwork the product, as to not trap air, which will effect dry time as well as the final appearance. 


    Solvent-Based Sealer Drying Time: @ 77°F 50% RH:
    Temperature and humidity dependent.
    Touch                20 minutes

    Recoat                8 hours

    Heavy Traffic      24 hours