H&C® High Performance Industrial Clear Coat

H&C High Performance Industrial Clear Coat with its durable high gloss finish, will enhance and protect previously coated, bare concrete, and other masonry surfaces. It is a solvent-based sealer used for interior applications.

Where to Use

  1. Schools
  2. Warehouses
  3. Retail Outlets
  4. Airport Hangers
  5. Garage floors

Key Advantages

H&C High Performance Industrial Clear Coat is a high solids coating with high impact resistance, urethane-based.  This versatile and durable clear coat is the ideal finish over H&C's Infusion Reactive Stains, Acetone Dye Stains, and Semi-Transparent Decorative Stains.

Product Data Sheet

  1. Product Supplies

    1. H&C® Cleaner Degreaser
    2. Household bleach
    3. Protective eyewear, waterproofer gloves, and protective clothing
    4. H&C® Etching Solution
    5. Reducer/Cleaner---Aromatic 100, R2K5,or R7K65
    6. Brush—Use natural bristle brushes
    7. Roller—Use a 1/4” - 3/8" nap woven or other solvent-resistant cover
  2. Product Preparation

    Bare Concrete: Freshly placed concrete must be a minimum of 28 days old. All concrete must be clean and free of laitance, oil, paint, sealers, grease, etc. To clean, use H&C Cleaner Degreaser, following label directions, rinse thoroughly and allow the surface to dry. If mold, mildew or fungus is present, kill and remove with a solution of 1-cup household bleach to 1 gallon of water. Wear protective eyewear, waterproof gloves, and protective clothing. Quickly wash off any of the mixture that comes into contact with your skin. DO NOT ADD DETERGENTS OR AMMONIA TO THE BLEACH/WATER SOLUTION.


    Concrete MUST be etched, with H&C Etching Solution, following label directions. The surface should have the feel of 120-grit sandpaper, if not then a second etching is required. Allow 24 hours before seal.


    Previously Stained or Color Sealed: Make sure all previously stained or sealed surfaces are in sound condition. High Performance Industrial Clear may NOT be compatible over the top of other coatings and decorative concrete finishes, so test this product in an inconspicuous area for compatibility. If compatible, scrape and sand all loose material prior to the application. To ensure adequate adhesion of sealer, scuff sand all remaining stain or paint. Reapplication of the old coating should be done to create an even uniform appearance. H&C Cleaner Degreaser mixed to a 50/50 ratio with water will remove light soil from the surface. H&C Cleaner Degreaser should be used full strength on heavy oil and grease stains, refer to label for specific instructions.


    Due to the wide variety of substrates, preparation methods, application methods and environments, the customer should ALWAYS test the product in an inconspicuous spot for adhesion and compatibility prior to full scale application.

  3. Product Application

    This product can be applied with a brush and roller. Brushes and Rollers should be of synthetic material and nap thickness should not exceed 3/8". Freshly stained or painted surfaces will require cure time before any application of this High Performance Industrial Clear. Always test for compatibility over previous coatings and decorative finishes. Refer to the individual product instructions for minimum recoat time. Two coats of sealer may be required to improve final appearance. If a second coat is desired allow a minimum of 9 hours dry time between coats. Do not over apply as bubbles may result.


    Apply under dry conditions only. Do not apply if rain is expected within 12 hours following application. Air and surface temperature should be between 40° and 90°F during and for 24 hours following application. Do not over apply. Stir thoroughly before and during application.


    Approximate coverage will be 200-300 square feet per gallon on previously painted or stained surfaces. The coverage will vary depending on the texture and density of the concrete.