H&C Decorative Concrete Sealer

H&C® Decorative Concrete Sealer is a high solids sealer designed to add deep penetrating protection and long-lasting beauty to exterior concrete such as driveways, patios, walkways and garage floors. H&C® Decorative Concrete Sealer is the perfect sealer for exterior decorative concrete projects, and is ideal for use with H&C Decorative Stains.

Where to Use

  • Patios and Walkways
  • Pool Decks
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Garage Floors

Key Advantages

H&C® Decorative Concrete Sealer is durable, gloss, solvent sealer that is highly resistant to salt, acids, alkali, water, UV rays and abrasion. It inhibits hot tire pick up for long lasting beauty and protection.

Product Data Sheet

  1. Product Supplies

    • Brush - Use a Synthetic bristle brush.
    • Roller - Use a 3/8” to 1/2” nap woven or other solvent-resistant cover.
    • Spray – Airless Pressure 1500 psi, Tip: .013” - .017”
  2. Product Preparation

    Bare Concrete: New concrete must be cured 28 days. All horizontal concrete must be etched with H&C® Concrete Etching Solution first, following label directions. For very smooth surfaces (troweled surfaces with no porosity) use H&C® Concrete Etching Solution at full strength. For smooth-troweled concrete with some porosity, 1 part H&C® Concrete Etching Solution to two parts water should be used. Do not etch painted surfaces. Properly etched concrete should have the feel of 120 grit sandpaper and should absorb water rapidly. A second etching may be required to achieve the proper texture and porosity. Prepared concrete should have a pH between 6 and 10.
  3. Product Application

    ***Please refer to the Product Data Page for full Product Application information.

    H&C® Decorative Concrete Sealer should be applied on to a dry surface where moisture content should not exceed 3lbs/1000 sq. ft. of surface (ASTM F710). Air, surface and material temperature must be between 50° and 90°F and at least 5°F above the dew point during and for 24 hours after application. Do not apply H&C® Decorative Concrete Sealer if rain is expected in 12 hours following the application. Stir thoroughly before and during application. A minimum two coats is required.

    Apply with brush, roller or spray. Prior to applying your first coat, dry-sweep the concrete with a stiff broom or shop vacuum to remove all surface latent.

    If applying over an H&C Decorative Stain, allow H&C® Semi- Transparent Decorative Stain to dry 4-6 hours and allow **H&C® Acetone Dye Stain to dry an hour before applying H&C® Decorative Concrete Sealer. Pigment residue left from decorative stains can prevent adequate adhesion of the H&C® Decorative Concrete Sealer. This residue should be removed using a damp mop or lint free cloth. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly (minimum 1- hour) before applying the H&C® Decorative Sealer. For adequate sheen development and protection, two coats of H&C® Decorative Concrete Sealer is recommended

    **For use inside, thoroughly ventilate the space during and after application. Extinguish any open flames while this product is being applied and for 24 hours after application. Notify all building occupants of the application, as solvent fumes can travel through ventilation duct.

    Drying to touch: 15 minutes
    Light Foot Traffic: 1 hour
    Light Traffic & Recoat: 12 hours
    Heavy Traffic: 72 - 96hrs
    *NOTE: High humidity and /or low temperatures will affect drying time.