Hydro-Defend® Super V™ Water Repellent

Hydro-Defend® Super V™ Water Repellent


  • Provides excellent water repellency.
  • Permeable to water vapor.
  • A long lasting, breathable barrier
  • Suitable for application to both dry and slightly damp surfaces.
  • Exhibits superior resistance to water, acid rain, efflorescence, alkalis, acids ultra-violet light and staining.
50.145001-15 1/2 Gallon50.145001-15035777328095


H&C® HYDRO-DEFEND® SUPER V™ WATER REPELLENT is a self-emulsifying, siloxane concentrate which when mixed with water and agitated, forms a micro-emulsion suitable for application to above grade, dense or porous masonry surfaces. This can be applied to dry and even slightly damp surfaces. H&C® HYDRO-DEFEND® SUPER V™ WATER REPELLENT will react into a silicone resin upon evaporation of its sol-vents for excellent repellency and moisture vapor transmission.

Additional information

Coverage Rates & Dry Time

Substrate sq ft/gal.
Porous concrete 150-200.
**Split Face Block 200-300.
Fluted block 25-50.
Concrete block 75-125.
Brick (clay) 100-150.
Roof Tiles 25-50.
Bridge decks 100-150.
Steel Trowled Concrete 150-200.
Precast Concrete 125-175.
Dry Time (@ 77°F, 50% RH) Dry-to-touch 3 hours.
Light foot traffic.
Heavy traffic.
Recoat 24 hours.


1/2 Gallon