ClariShield® Solvent-Based Wet Look Clear Sealer

Product # ColorSizeSDSSKUUPCPDS
50.100104-16 Clear1 Gallon50.100104-16035777943625
50.100105-20 Clear5 Gallon50.100105-20035777943632
*Coverage:On pourous concrete block brick (clay): 100-250 sq. ft./gallon. * Coverage will vary depending on paver porosity and texture. Drying time: Touch: 1 hour. Light foot traffic/recoat: 4 hours. Heavy Traffic: 72-96 hours.


ClariShield® Solvent-Based Wet Look Clear Concrete Sealer provides a high-sheen finish that adds depth of color and enhances the appearance of concrete and pavers.


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1 Gallon, 5 Gallon