Hardeners & Densifiers

Polishing Products

Why would I polish concrete instead of coating it with a high quality urethane or epoxy?

What makes polished concrete so durable?

Do I always have to use grinding and polishing equipment to use the densifier and protective finish?

How do I know if my concrete is a good candidate for polish application?

How do I know if the floor is polymer modified?

What is the maintenance on a polished floor?

What are the benefits of using silica’s vs. silicates and silicanates?

Will there be a residue to remove and dispose of?

Will densifying my floor create a water proof surface?

Will a densified surface still be breathable?

I have a 10 year old concrete slab, will the densifier work on an old surface too?

Do newly placed concrete slabs have to fully cure (28 days) before applying a Densifier?
This will depend on the process being done on the floor later in the construction or what the end use of the slab will be.  Some densifiers can be applied at time of placement where others see problems and need to wait for at least the 3 days to cure.  If polishing is planned for a new slab you will want to wait until during the polishing phase to use a densifier.
Is H&C Clear Liquid Hardener & Densifier a cure?

Do I have to strip the cure and seal prior to application of the H&C Clear Liquid Hardener & Densifier?

My concrete floor often leaves a fine dust on the surface, will densifying eliminate this problem?

Does the densifier have a strong odor?

Is the densifier harmful to plants and vegetation?

How deep does the densifier penetrate?

Are multiple coats of the densifier required?

Can I incorporate color into the concrete when I am using H&C Clear Liquid Hardener & Densifier?

At what point do I add color to the polishing process with H&C Acetone Dye Stain?

Will Clear Liquid Hardener & Densifier inhibit the ability of a coating to adhere to a floor?

Will the Clear Liquid Hardener & Densifier stop ASR?

Does Clear Liquid Hardener & Densifier contribute to craze cracking and ASR?

Do I have to rinse the product off the floor?

How long do I have to wait after I have applied the Concrete Hardener before I can start grinding again?

Can I wait too long before I grind?

When do I apply the H&C Lithium Protective Finish for polished concrete?

Do I have to use the Lithium Protective Finish?

Dry-Shake Color Hardener

Can Dry Shake-Color Release be used when stamping an overlay?

When do you broadcast the Dry-Shake Color Hardener?

What gives Dry-Shake Color Hardener the hardening capabilities?

Can two different colors of Dry-Shake be used on the same slab?

Can Dry-Shake Color Hardener be used as integral color for freshly poured slab?

Dry-Shake Color Release

Can Dry Shake-Color Release be used when stamping an overlay?

How do you know when it is time to broadcast Dry-Shake Release?

Can Dry-Shake Color Release be used in conjunction with a liquid release?

Should Dry-Shake Color Release be applied to the stamp and/or the slab?

How long do I have to wait before the Dry-Shake Color Release can be cleaned from the surface?

Can Dry-Shake Color Release be power washed from the surface? What is the maximum PSI that should be used?